Rimjhim Ray

I badly not wanted to reveal the face behind the name – it could be a let down. But thought let the disillusionment happen once and for all. I am a marketer, an erratic blogger, a jugaad cartoonist, a poet( I even won a few awards for this – crazy world) and a reluctant MBA. In my work life of close to 10 years I have worked in marketing, sales and the so predictable IT across the globe.Β In my last corporate role I headed social media marketing for an MNC. I am now mentoring a digital marketing start-up and moonwalking around the world while desperately making ends meet in between.

I am the archetypal nomad but a super lazy one – all Bongs are lazy and exceptions do not prove the rule- and so a slother rather than a trotter. I speak and write at Toastmasters (where I am a part of the Mumbai Toast Masters exec com) a variety of forums and b-schools some useful other skippable stuff – here are some

1.Leadership and Innovation: http://www.sabcons.com/blog/?author=12

2. Travel( The better half runs this) http://leisurealley.com/author/rimjhim/

3. HR and Social Media: http://indiahrlive.com/

4. Digital and social media http://unmarketeer.com

neow and cat I dabble in cartoons – occasionally. Neow( the one with the cat) is my alter ego and all mischief can be blamed on her. And btw I have been working on my first book for an agonisingly long time- the pipeline publishers have deserted me so maybe I will print them on truck rears.

I would love being connected with you – so do connectwith me on twitter (@GlobeSlother) or send a request on LinkedIn. (http://www.linkedin.com/in/rimjhimray) Look forward to knowing you more!


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  1. i am no author. Donot even have a great knowledge of English words…just wanted to know..today i got a great offer to join a foreign company.And my dad says…”todays generation are so irresponsible.they dont think about their parents anymore.Their lust or never ending quench to earn more and more and more…is gonna kill dem.What they are doing now with deir parents will repeat wid dem too.”..den he adds his favourite line “Do what u think is best”…

    i just wanted to konw..dint one day HE dreamt of me goin abroad nd earn s much dat i dnt suffer like him?

    i m confused…goal or parents?

  2. I think many of us still love their taater saree..somehow i dont agree to all the 50 reasons..listed by Rimjhim..somehow loved reading it πŸ™‚

  3. Hello, My name is rohit kumar. i have done my Graduation and Post-Graduation in Women Gender Studies from IGNOU (On-campus). Actually, i could not find exactly life career still i am confuse to take the decision. i want to be a writer, author and professor and i am looking for a job in NGOs but, still i could not get. my financial issues creating troubles. my family needs me, they are waiting, how much i took time to start work..please suggest me..

  4. Rimjhim, finally read your blog…. you are awesome.. though i don’t agree to all the points about the bong girl,but still enjoyed it…..

  5. Haha, Fun stuff and enjoyed the frank humor with which many of your posts are written. Stumbled on your blog through one of my Bong friends. Ami ektu ektu bangla jaani.Gota varshe learn kori. Amake tor blog khub bhalo laagle aar ami shudu writing appreciation (& to test my rustic Bengali) vaaste comment kori. Aar kono intention noi.
    Bhalo thaki πŸ˜€

  6. Interesting observations with quirky humor – stumbled on ur blog by mistake.. and glad i did – Keep up the good writing πŸ™‚

  7. i liked the reasons bong girls will not marry you. also about things bong parents say. may not agree with all the points but on most points i agree.

  8. A platform for Bongs.
    OMG (literally).
    A catastrophic recipe for cacophony amidst piping hot Chaa n Taa.

    Good show Rimjhim.

    ps – do query – bongs generally have an overally developed sense of humour?

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