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Do not tell me who can I love

  The societys definition of good, bad, moral, immoral often confuses me. That long list of what the neighbour approves of. So no drinking, no late nights, no boy friends. And now of course no girl friends. Strangely enough the prerogative has shifted from the confines of society to the courts. With the supreme court declaring that gay sex contravenes the order of our society.  Would commenting on  an ex-judge in the dock for allegedly harassing an intern be a digression at this stage? And there where the fine line between perceived morality and a prosecutable offence emerges. Advances by an older man or a woman of someone much younger is not an offence as long as it is consensual. It of course in our starkly black and white society a morality issue. Like so many other things. We categorise love and give it labels. Good love and bad love. Holy love and unholy love. And now legal love and illegal love. Strangely enough the society that celebrates the adulterous love story of our gods still have khap panchayats ordering men and women to be lashed because their love does not fit in with the rules of a society. But then love is not meant to follow rules. It is supposed to be a reaction that men or women have little control over. That beautiful thing that sets us free and lets us fly. That differentiates us from the machines. and the codified transactions of a mechanical world. Trying to subsume love to the greater good of the society is unnatural. Because when that intense euphoria or that gnawing pain grips me when i see someone, the origins, the background, the color or gender of that person is an afterthought. Whether i should or should not love him or her are questions that i am forced to ask later. For no court, no religious institution can take away from me that sublime moment of falling in love, or dictate that i love as they wish. Who i love is a personal choice. There have been enough wrong done in the name of greater good. Oscar Wilde was imprisoned, Anarkali was buried alive. Several thousand gay couples lead lives of shame and misery for their love is different. For there can be no good love and bad love. Love stories are different. And every one of them is magical. And that is what makes the world such a beautiful place.

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