Do not give me a day. Give me the universe

  You have given me a day. Stood outside my home with a red rose. Given me gifts that promised me transformation, happiness and nirvana. You invited me to dainty events where you lavished attention on me. You were perfect. And i was touched. But not moved. Because i am greedy. And ambitious. And demanding. Everything my mother was not. Everything you thought the woman shouldnt be. But living in an imperfect world, i developed and now enjoy a zest, a lust, a hunger for more than a labelled day. For more than women seats. For more than the corner you condescendingly offer me. I want the universe. The open skies. The rough waters. And while i thank you for your protective hand and your word of wisdom, i still say No thanks and go to face it all on my might. I make mistakes and i demand acceptance. I knock on doors and I demand them to be opened. I take off the veil and demand the sunlight. I look up and demand the appreciative glance of the world. I walk with you and demand the space. The wide, open world. Not secluded spaces where you want to keep me safe. And exclusive. For i do not ask for exclusivity. Not  trophies. Not your attention. Not your curiousity. Not your patronage. Not your well-meaning labelled day. My ask is simple. All i ask for is the universe.I blog with BE Write

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