Footprints on the sand


I tread over shards of broken souls

As I set sail for distant lands

The wind came on. wiping with scorn

My footprints on my sands


Time crawled across the timeless waters

The shore was not mine

I looked at the strange unforgiving sky

The stars had the strangers’ shine


Not a hand was raised for me

In the maze of faces and hands

I walked a lone, solitary walk

Among their footprints on thei sands


I survived the sins of my dark bronzed skin

To earn my worth in gold

The uncrowned prince of the markets was I

Where dreams were bought and sold


Yet as I looked over my empire

Counting my 1000 grands

I saw how lonely were still

My footprints on their sands


Thirst gnawed.And I set sail again

For the rain soaked soil of mine

I looked at the familiar, comforting sky

The stars found their familiar shine


And let the fragrance  take me to

Where my old frail mother stands

Where she has guarded against the unforgiving wind

My footprints on her sand


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  1. This is so lovely.
    A bit melancholic, yes, but then life can leave you blue in spots. There is a beautiful Kannada (film) song, where the artist, who’s blind, describes her friendship with the wind, through whom she gets to experience the wonders of this world, which are not visible to her. I’ve always felt that to be physically blind must be awful, the loneliness unfathomable .
    But you can be blind in other ways, too. Your verse makes me consider infinity and eternity, and realize how fleeting our own lives are…..a footprint on sand, washed away by the next wave, a wave that’s one among a trillion zillion others.
    BUT, there’s one thing everlasting……..

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