Stay Silent. Stay Criminal



A child is abused. You stay silent

A woman is molested. You stay silent

Your morals are on sale. You stay silent

Predators on the street. You stay silent

Domestic Violence. You stay silent

Or maybe you don’t. You speak. In the numb frozen corridors of your office, in the comfortable AC lounge of your home. From the safety of Facebook. From the anonymity of twitter. There you debate. You ask. What were the child’s parents doing? What was the woman wearing? Who accepts bribes, not me? What was he doing on the dark roads? Was she the one who was divorced earlier? You analyse. You find reasons. Sometimes you are genuinely angry. But the anger stops on the walls of Facbook. Drowns in the noise of your car. Gets replaced by the next breaking news.

So you turn the music a notch higher when you hear the girl in the next building screaming. You walk past the sad little boy abused by his monstrous uncle. You know about the shady deal but would rather become a silent accomplice than be the whistle blower. Unless it happens to you. The screaming girl is your sister. The little boy, god forbid is your child. The corruption costs you your job. You are the one cornered in a dark street. And then you scream. Angry. Passionate. Hurt. And you wonder why isn’t the world speaking up with you. Where are the witnesses, the helpful  passers-by. Why don’t they stop. Why don’t they pick you up. Cant they see you lying there bleeding.

And then the gag falls off. But maybe it is too late. Everytime you walk away saying it is not your problem. Every time you shut your windows. Everytime you are a silent spectator. You contribute. You contribute to making the Frankensteinian monster. You feed it. Let it grow. And then oneday it turns on you.And then there is no escape.

Or wait –there is. You have to take off the gag. You have to  take off the blindfolds. The earplugs. You have to see evil. Hear evil. And then speak out against evil. If you think you are alone you aren’t. A million strong crowd is standing behind you just waiting for that one individual to take the step. A Gandhi or the Mandela may be too big examples for us ordinary mortals. But the power to be extraordinary, to be brave to step out to speak out lies in all of us. Listen to your conscience. Next time you hear the woman next door screaming, knock on the door.. You see a girl being harassed on the street- step forward, raise an alarm. You know a child is being abused. Walk in to the principals office. The more you keep quiet the more the monsters will grow. Most crimminals are insecure cowards. A small voice from you can stop them in their tracks. Speak up.

And before I sign off I quote Tagore –The one who commits the one who is the silent spectator. Equally deserve to be singed by your hatred. Take a stand. Kill the monster.


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  1. Strong words, expressions are the need of the hour. We have been taking shit lying down for too long. Time we raised our voices against it. Thanks for making this highly commendable effort to wake up our inner voices.

  2. Great . Keep spreading these excellent “social and gentle admonitions”. We , Indians ,need this kind of Gregorian chant constantly . Sharing

  3. Of course there is a need to speak up! Of course there is a need to act!
    But I just hope that when the mass rises, the agenda does not get diluted in what is termed ‘the mob mentality’….!

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